Established in 2012, The Centre for Psychological Therapies in Primary Care (CPTPC) brought together a group of professionals who are passionate about mental health provision in primary care. Comprising GPs, clinical therapists and researchers, with wide-ranging expertise, the Centre focussed on new commissioning approaches for primary care mental health. This resulted in two published research papers and a report.

We believe that the NHS is unable to meet the mental health needs of the public. There isn’t enough funding and every individual has particular needs, which may not fit with the intervention offered.

The way forward is to build a community of providers: the NHS and the voluntary and private sectors. To understand why people fall through the gaps and develop services that fit the patient rather than the patient having to fit the service.

The Centre aims to be:

  • an effective critical voice supporting and informing best policy and practice in the delivery of psychological therapies
  • a conduit to communicate the experience, concerns and achievements of those commissioning and delivering services;
  • a means to give voice to the needs and experience of those who have or might use psychological therapies; and
  • a research and policy body equipped to promote well-being in a way that empowers individuals, families and communities.